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Ideally, a pair of glasses should sit so comfortably on your nose and behind your ears that you almost forget that you’re wearing anything at all. Glasses need to be comfortable otherwise you won’t want to wear them, and that defeats the object of having glasses in the first place. As with heeled shoes, comfort is paramount, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get the lenses you need and find a pair of stylish frames which also happen to be comfortable to wear.

Many top designer brands now produce optical frames as well as sunglasses. If you wear glasses then you know that buying a new pair can make a sizable dent in your savings account. Many people choose to steer clear of designer glasses for fear of extortionate costs, but here at Goldrush Global Village we offer the same level of quality and range of brands as large online retailers and high street opticians yet for a fraction of the price. Our designer frames catalogue comprises over 50 collections and over 1,000 frames, so you can find a pair of designer glasses which you like and purchase them for an excellent price.

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