Discover The Unique Style Of Alain Mikli Glasses

If you’re yet to hear of Alain Mikli then you’re about to catch on just in time. This boutique eyewear designer was bought by Luxottica for 90million Euros in 2013 and has slowly become a force in the industry. Combining assured beauty with practicality the designer label has both unique and daring styles running through every collection.

At Goldrush Global Village we have a small selection of Alain Mikli glasses that could be perfect to show off your new-found favourite brand or to make a statement. If you’re ever going to make a statement, then you should choose from the range of Alain Mikli glasses we have at Goldrush Global Village.

The collection of Alain Mikli glasses that we have on our online eyewear store gives you a glimpse into the exceptional and thought-provoking designs that the man himself created. While the brand may have been bought, the same theme runs true. We’re passionate about our ability to deliver and supply brands such as Alain Mikli to our customers across the UK.

Once you’ve purchased and had your glasses delivered, you just need to take them to your local opticians so that your prescription can be fitted professionally.

To find out more about the abundance of brands we house at Goldrush Global Village, get in contact with us today.

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