A coveted designer label is highly sought after when it comes to buying a new pair of shades. For the fashion-conscious individual, having a pair of designer sunglasses sitting on your head is just as important as having a designer handbag swinging from your arm.

Some of the price tags attached to designer eyewear can be mind-boggling, however, so it’s often best to buy online where you know you’re paying a better price. Compare, and then find a reputable supplier.

Whether you want aviators, square or round-cut frames, there’s a wealth of colours, shapes and styles available for the individual looking for a new pair of sunglasses, and we have a great range to choose from online. At our store, it’s easy to grab yourself a bargain and to find a pair of designer sunglasses that you really like.

From Chanel to Calvin Klein, everything you need in the way of eyewear is available online at Goldrush Global Village.

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