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There are a few names that make ears around the room stand up, prompting head turns and glances of wonder. In the fashion world, Christian Lacroix is just such one of these names. The rise of the fashion designer and brand has placed it in one of the world’s leading fashion houses with their Haute couture style abundant throughout.

This style is also prevalent in their range of glasses which can be purchased from our online store at Goldrush Global Village. By purchasing from our range of Christian Lacroix glasses, you’ll be able to own classy and stylish glasses that can adorn your face. Our service works to bring you the finest and latest in designer glasses that can be altered to befit your own prescription.

Browse our selection of Christian Lacroix glasses to get an idea as to whether this style is for you. We’re certain that you’ll find something ideal to replace your current pair or to upgrade without paying the extortionate prices on the high street. At Goldrush Global Village we’re constantly finding and sourcing the new Christian Lacroix glasses that could be ideal for you. The simple process allows you to have designer glasses for affordable prices.

To discover more about our service at Goldrush Global Village, get in contact with us today.

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